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To discuss and make the public aware of methadone dangers.
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A Call For Voices *This is a call for voices. If you are a loved one of someone currently using methadone, or a loved one of someone who has passed away because of methadone use I would love to hear from you. I am a documentary filmmaker working one a film that will expose the realities of methadone and the effects it has on our society. I am asking for stories to share that will help reform regulation of this drug, and also take away the social stigma of what it is to be on methadone. * * * *My commitment to this film comes from a very real place in my life and the life of my family. My father has been on methadone for over 35 years. My brother for five. My family battles regularly with the health issues methadone creates for both my father and brother, as well as the social stigma's that come along with someone on this medication. * * * *I am driven to explore all angles of the methadone culture. I want to hear from the loved ones who have lost someone to methadone deaths, the loved ones who are losing someone to methadone life, I want to hear from the methadone users, and I want all the same from the other side. I plan to reach out and explore what the people at the clinics believe, I want to hear from the pharmaceutical companies and the government run committees that "regulate" this drug. * * * *Please help me bring a strong voice out to the world that tells the full story of methadone. You can contact me directly by emailing Tell me about yourself, what drew you to reach out and where you are from. I look forward to hearing from you.* * * *All the best!* * * *Angelica*


 Methadone Overdose Signs and Symptoms

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Methadone Overdose Signs and Symptoms Empty
PostSubject: Methadone Overdose Signs and Symptoms   Methadone Overdose Signs and Symptoms EmptyTue Apr 10, 2012 11:12 pm

Methadone Overdose

Methadone is a very strong and long-lasting opioid medication. Patients, and their close relatives or friends, need to be on their guard for any signs/symptoms of overdose.

Signs and Symptoms
•Unusual Snoring while sleeping
•Groggy, dizzy, disoriented, and sleepiness
•Body is limp
•Breathing is more shallow or slow than usual
•Unable to wake up or arouse
•Pupils are pinpoint
•Heartbeat may be irregular and/or decreased
•Speech may be slurred
•Lack of oxygen: fingertips and/or lips turning blue
•Skin may be cold and clammy
•Muscle twitching
•Excess Energy is often an unrecognized symptom

Points to Remember
•If overdose is suspected, immediately call for emergency help without delay
•A patient who feels or acts overmedicated should not just “sleep it off.” The person should stay awake and seek medical treatment.
•Signs/symptoms of overmedication or overdose may take time to develop – a methadone overdose may occur 2 or 3 days after dose.
•Most patients will start to exhibit signs and symptoms of overdose (e.g., sleepiness, sedation) within 5 hours, although some patients may not exhibit symptoms until 10 hours have passed.
•Don’t assume emergency rooms are familiar with how to treat methadone overdoses. Many doctors are not educated about the dangers of methadone.
•Most overdose deaths occur within the first two weeks of starting methadone.
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Methadone Overdose Signs and Symptoms
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